Symposium on
Geometry Processing 2019

Milan 8-10 July 2019


In order to feature some of the scientific highlights and breakthroughs in the field, to promote the reproducibility of research results, and to highlight the importance of high-quality datasets and benchmarks to the advancement of the Geometry Processing SGP attributes three awards:

best-paper award symbol Best Paper award
to authors of papers, presented at SGP 2019, which are seminal work on Geometry Processing and its applications.

outstanding software project symbol Outstanding Software Project award
to authors of software tools which aid to push the research on Geometry Processing forward and to reproduce existing results.

dataset award symbol Dataset award
to authors of top-quality datasets and benchmarks provided to the community of Geometry Processing as testbed for present and future algorithms.

In addition, SGP provides papers with the replicability stamp to the authors who, in addition to publishing their article at SGP 2019, provide a complete Open-Source implementation of their algorithm. For more information, including the list of papers awarded the stamp, please check


Anyone can propose nominations for the Dataset award and Outstanding Software Project award.
Please nominate any candidate which you find eligible by sending an e-mail to!

Award Committees

[To be announced]

Previous recipients

Previous recipients are listed at the official SGP Awards Page: